The heavy burden of a writer

Reading is one of the supreme pleasures of life. Whether we’re copywriters and content producers or journalists and novelists, we have an obligation to our readers not to rob them of this pleasure with poor writing.

I’m a writer with a public relations agency in Indianapolis and an avid reader. Let’s help each other do our best work.



4 thoughts on “The heavy burden of a writer

  1. Hi Cindy – I’ve just stumbled across your website (via BadLanguage) and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading it and absorbing your nuggets of wisdom.

    I’ve done some writing myself, but nothing much of late – seem to think about it more than getting it onto the page.

    Thanks for the inspiring thoughts.
    Best wishes

    • Thanks, Amanda! BadLanguage is a great blog. I do a lot of thinking about writing, too, rather than writing, sad to say. One of my favorite stories involves an author who was asked to speak to a college graduation class on his advice to writers. He said one word: “Write.”

      Best of luck to you!

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