Show, don’t tell, about making a difference

Sleeping BeautiesIs your organization “making a difference?”

If so, can you find a new way to say it?

One of my most meaningful jobs was at a fundraising organization for a children’s hospital. If helping to fund a place that rescues kids from the brink of death isn’t “making a difference,” I don’t know what is. But my much-smarter supervisor refused to let us use that phrase.

“Every non-profit says that,” she’d point out. “We need to tell how we’re making that difference.”

She was right then, and she’s still right.

The March of Dimes mailer I just received invites me to join all the people “who are making a difference in the fight against premature births.”

Wouldn’t a statement such as, “Become one of the millions who want to make sure all babies are born healthy,” resonate more? It also reinforces the March of Dimes’ mission. And it puts an immediate picture in my head: Babies are being born unhealthy or are dying. I can help.

By seizing every opportunity to paint a picture or tell a story, you’ll do more than “make a difference.” You’ll grab someone’s attention long enough to communicate your message.


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