Pare down your employee newsletter

At, Mike Klein makes a case for paring down or even eliminating company newsletters. How many of us have gotten, or written, company newsletters we don’t bother to read because we don’t perceive them to have value – and thus not to be worth reading?  

My favorite line from Klein’s article: “A key problem with many newsletters is that they tend to publish unattributed information as fact” (otherwise known as the “because I said so” approach).  My favorite quote: “George Bernard Shaw once said, ‘The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.’” 

I’ve seen employee newsletters that seem to be little more than venues for people who can’t otherwise get published. The employees of Wayne County, N.C., were subjected to this type of newsletter in February. Although the monthly newsletter’s mission is to “acquaint its readers with personnel from each department within the county,” the editor used one-fourth of the space to provide a history of Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, one-fourth for anniversaries, one-fourth for birthdays and just one page for an employee profile.  

And we haven’t even mentioned the clip art. 

Have you ever gotten an employee newsletter you didn’t read?   


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